mandag 3. desember 2018

Is it brave to suffer n silence

Fact becomes fiction
In the story, fact becomes fiction when the boy is told about the differences between the metric and imperial system. The boy thought he was gonna die, because he "knew" that a person would die when having 102 in fever, but it became fiction when he was told about the system differences.

Hemingway`s style
The sentence structure is short, and very direct. Ernest learned this while working for a newspaper in Kansas. If you study the text, you can see that his vocabulary and sentence structure is from the 40s and 50s. Hemingways style is calles the Iceberg theory. It basically says that the text will be a lot better if the writer knows what he is writing about. The dialogue between the boy and father is a great example of Hemingways direct writing style.

A days wait
"A days wait" is about a boy believing he is going to die, but later finds out that he wont. The boy is a nine year old german, living in france.

Ernest was quite a cool and macho man. A lot of people admired him and wanted to be like him

His house:
Bilderesultat for ernest hemingway house

mandag 5. november 2018

Dear Leonardo Di Caprio

We jus saw the documenary "Before the flood", and we were very surprised by the extreme environmental change caused by human actions. I was most surprised by the sand oil extraction procedure and the Mordor-looking area.

I`m gonna be honest. A lot of what you showed us in the movie i already knew, like the palm oil plantations and ice melting on Greenland. Still, it is unimaginable until you actually see it, and after watching the documentary i was extremely surprised of how devastating these things actually look in real life.

The most important thing to remember from the movie is in my opinion the footage of the rainforests and orangutangs. This would have a very emotional effect on people, and maybe encourage them to watch the movie or (even better) change their lifestyle.

mandag 8. oktober 2018

About a boy nick hornby

About a boy

The book is mostly about growing up, and behaving accordingly to age, but I also found certain symbols, telling us about some problems and or subthemes. An example is Fiona, she might be a symbol for a person with mental disorders or problems, that the modern society may not care about/treat very well. Marcus may also be a symbol of the problem that "different" boys always get bullied. The fact that Will is a man, may also be a symbol of that men are childish but that`s a wild guess.

The biok setting is London in the late 90s. That`s where the movie gets it wrong because Will is driving a 2003 Audi tt coupe.

The plot: Marcus is not a normal boy, he listens to Joni Mitchell, sings songs a lot, and has problems connecting and bonding with other kids. 
Will is a cool dude, subzero cool. He lives off his grandad`s song, he is rich, has a lot of friends, smokes weed, has sex with lots of girls, and listened to rap and cool music. He is the opposite of Marcus. In the book, Marcus` mother goes to a SPAT club, a club for single mothers to talk together. Will becomes part of the SPAT club so he can find a single mother to have sex with. Will finds a funny and attractive woman, Suzie. She is also Marcus` mother's friend. Marcus` mother is suicidal. Marcus joins Suzie and Will on a picnic and kills a duck. Marcus gets to know Will better and better until they become sort of friends. Marcus grows younger mentally and stops helping his mother, and Will grows older and starts caring about people.

mandag 24. september 2018

How to turn information into intelligence:
The most common way to practice for a test or learn something, in general, is by using the promodoro technique. The promodoro technique is to focus intensively for 25 minutes, take a 5-minute break, repeat. This is because the brain actually processes problems when we`re not studying, so after studying for 25 minutes, we may have some problems that we can`t understand or solve. Then after five minutes, we return to the same problems, and all of a sudden they seem really simple and easy.

This is also why sleep is so important. If you study in the evening and then get a good nights rest, the brain will be working while you`re sleeping, not only solving problems but also storing information. The human brain remembers information processed before going to sleep a lot better than if you had stayed awake.

So for most people, one of the best ways to study is by using the promodoro method after dinner. Also, you should get something good to eat, as a treat for actually doing something. Also, the brain runs on glucose only, so lots of brownie breaks are necessary...

mandag 10. september 2018

Conversion in english class lekse

Conversation 1
I discussed with Ari if marihuana should or should not be legalized in norway. I wasnt very fund of the idea before, but after this conversation, i have changed my mind about the subject. I now think that it shoukd be legalized.

Did the video make me better at convos?
I feel that in conversation nr 2, when discussing the book with Erlend, we truly had a very good conversation about it. We were both interested in the subject, and weboth asked questions instead of talking all the time. The video sure had an effect on my conversational skills. a

Thoughts about conversation english time

My conversation

mandag 3. september 2018

What i thought after reading:
After reading the book for a
Which book did i choose
I chose "about a boy" by Nick Hornby, because it sounds interesting reading about an Adult needing help from a Child to grow up, and a Child needing help from an Adult to be cool. The reason why it is so interesting is because of how it turns things around. Also, the book is a pocket, so its easier to carry around.

mandag 27. august 2018

School expectations

Sandvika vgs expectations
I think that this year will be both fun and educational. I really look forward to seeing how the different teachers will solve the problem of the school being a boring place. I would be happy to see the teachers using creative and entertaining ways of teaching, rather than doing tasks in a book.
I also expect the teacher to use more creative and entertaining ways of teaching than doing tasks in a book.
I`ve chosen the ssp line, specializing in IT. This will allow me to either get better grades or having lots of free time in the third grade. The drawback is extra work in first grade, but I think that doing that work now is a smarter choice than doing it later since third grade is usually the one with the most stress and work. Also, knowledge of the IT subject will allow me to better understand the technology revolution.

This blog is a task from an English class

This is a picture of me looking forward to videregående skole:

Aprilia rs 125 update
Yesterday I tried to fix my motorcycle, the error was a coolant leak at the bottom of the cylinder as well as an oil pump gear failure the day before. Also, the balancing shaft gear had turned into smithereens…
It also appears the cylinder had lost compression due to driving without oil, which sucks.
Now I have to buy new piston rings, as well as rebuilding the entire top end, and since there`s no one in Norway selling rs 125 original piston rings, I have to buy them from England which probably will set me back another 60 pounds.
That`s the problem with owning a simple two-stroke. When things go wrong, they really, really do…

I just had an idea that will revolutionize the motoring industry: Why don`t people fit turbos with electric engines? You could have a little button, like the Nissan GT-R v-spec, and when you press it, the turbo spins extra fast, not just pulling in more air but also dragging out all the exhaust gasses. The button could also affect the exhaust, so when you press it you instantly get a straight pipe.

The SRT-division at GM, it`s the stupidest idea in the world. Just think about the ram SRT... Trying to make a pickup fast by adding some sweet suspension, a new engine and a spoiler is just wrong. A pickup isn`t made for sick 0-100 times or top speed, if you want that, then buy something else. I think that the Challenger SRT is a cool car, but why would you make a stupid pickup truck, when you could make that.