mandag 13. mai 2019

Standard progress

Formula 1

Formula 1 is a fantastic sport. It has provided combustion engine efficiency technologies, and safety features later used in road cars. An example is the disc brake, which has saved many lives. But even though f1 has strict driver safety rules, it is still one of if not the most dangerous sport in the world, especially in the old days. A driver reacting 6 milliseconds too late could result in fatal injury. Therefore, each driver has to have a special license to race in f1.

This makes me mad:

The word "Formula 1", means that there is a formula, meaning that each car and driver must follow certain rules. The rules in f1 are extremely hard to make. This is because they must excite viewers, and also keep the drivers from dying. In 2016, FIA introduced the hybrid turbo f1 v6 engine. This engine is, boring. It doesnt sound well, it doesnt have a lot of power, and overall formula 1 is losing viewers. I do think that the newest safety features like the halo is necessary for driver safety, but please bring back the no-turbo v10 engines. I`m struggling to like f1, because it is, well, boring. The aerodynamic rules makes overtaking and close racing extremely difficult, because of the turbulent air all the vorteces generate. F1 also has negative feedback loops, rewarding the winners and punishing the losers. This makes the sport even more boring. Yes, they race 300kph cars in city circuits, but it could be so much better.

I can persuade people to see it from my viewpoint, by showing them videos of old f1 cars that not only sounded better, but also looked and in some cases, performed better. Bring back screaming 20 thousand rpm 10 cylinder engines, so that the sport could be saved. Overall, most people are on my side of the argument already, but some believe that f1 should evole into more efficient engines. I understand them, and they do indeed have a point. But we do not do this in other sports, so why in f1? We dont give footballplayers helmets, since it would be safer. We do not make football goals from recycled materials. Why destroy a sport that already was extremely well made?

I think it is important for people to know how good f1 could be, instead of settling with the boring style. People must realize that f1 could be more than environmental friendly, low revving snails going in a circle.


In 2020, FIA will introduce the new f1 rules. These will not bring back the v8 or v10 engines, and that i think will kill f1. People will leave the sport, and slowly, f1 will fade out to nothing. Eventually, f1 will become fully electric. That`s when the sport is dead in my opinion. We already have formula E, that can have electric racing.


I want to talk about the rules. The f1 rules includes makig an efficient hybrid 1.6L turbo V6 engine. This engine feeds power to the wheels. When braking, the brakes sends power to the battery via the mgu-k (kinetic energy recovering system). The battery can either charge the turbo to eliminate lag, or directly send power to the wheels. The mgu-k, kan charge the battery with 2 megajoules per lap, and send 4 megajoules to the wheels. So you can charge for two laps, and then release an ultra boost of 4 megajoules. Also, to make up for turbulent air slowing down chasing cars, the chasing car is allowed to use DRS on the straights. A DRS lowers air resistance, so that the chasing car has better performance on straights. This is a problem, as many see it as cheating. The areodynamic rules of f1 has to be changed so that they can gain more followers and a larger audience.
That the FIA(they write the rules) doesnt realize the changes that has to be made, and that they ignore the opinions of the audience, makes me mad.

Of course f1 has to evolve, and move into the future. But that doesnt have to be a negative evolution, The FIA could allow low displacement v10 engines, with no rpm resctrictions. That would allow formula 1 to evolve.

US embassy visit


We have received a visit from the United States embassy today.
They explained the differences between our societies, and how things work in the USA compared to Norway. It was a good presentation. The presenter taught us about the American culture, he works at the US embassy, as a security engineer. He is also a trained fireman.

It was a good presentation, and we were allowed to ask questions which lead to us knowing more of the cultural differences. He wasn't allowed to talk about controversial topics, such as gun control.

mandag 8. april 2019

The earth will not survive - and we have to stop driving cars

We have to stop driving. We cant drive regular, or electric cars. Neither are efficient, and neither are environmental friendly because of the big amounts of energy they use. An electric car can and have the potential to be emissionless vehicles. In the real world though, it doesnt work out. Producing electric batteries, and electric energy, costs a lot and isnt an environmental friendly process. Producing electricity is mostly used by burning coal or natural gas, and as you probably can imagine, none are selfsustainable sources. 

We could use electric scooters, those would reduce our carbon footprint a lot. In fact, according to Lime, an electric scooter can save up to 350 grams of carbon dioxide per mile compared to driving a car. This is without the consideration of producing electricity/batteries, but it is a lot more environmental friendly.

But if we want to save the earth, we have to stop driving, and start walking or biking. Or build nuclear fusion-powered powerplants, but nobody really wants that. Humans are lazy, and in the end it`s going to kill our planet.

mandag 18. mars 2019

Varieties of English

Varieties of English

India was colonized by the british in 1612, because of the sugar/cotton/tea market. English explorers had an influence on the Indian population, and in some cases enforced the english language. Also the Indian farmers needed to speak English to work with british customers or salesmen. The indian accent is basically the mispronounciation of T, D and N sounds, because of the tongue curled backwards.

South Africa:
A long time ago, the british colonized the south africa, so they could export slaves to the eu or USA. Because of the segregation rules, there are multiple south african accents. A good characteristic of a south-african accent, is pronounciation of double vocals. They pronounce them with different lenght.

A chinese accent, is like a japanese one. They don't know the different between v and w, therefore they pronounce "survive" "səˈwaɪw". Of course, they don't distinguish between "west" and "vest".

mandag 11. februar 2019



In "Spent", you learn about the hard life of  low wage american worker. It teaches you the difficulties of paying bills such as electricity and gas. It also makes you understand why a lot of these workers do what they do. I have gained a lot more sympathy for their situation after playing this game.

Us Norwegians are lucky enough to have a very tiny poverty percentage, and most people are employed. This game reminds you how lucky you really are

United States of America

Edward Snowden told the world what about what the National Security Agency was doing. He said, " I had been looking for leaders, but I realized that leadership is about being the first to act." this is a very important messenger we all have to learn from. If we want something to happen we have to act and do something about it.

Marlkana, South Africa

Some South African platinum miners went on a strike in 2014. Many were injured and some were even killed by riot police. It lasted for 5 months, and the miners were awarded an extra R1000 ( about 55 pounds ) per month. This shows if you work hard for something it will be awarded. Standing Rock, North Dekota