mandag 3. september 2018

Which book did i choose
I chose "about a boy" by Nick Hornby, because it sounds interesting reading about an Adult needing help from a Child to grow up, and a Child needing help from an Adult to be cool. The reason why it is so interesting is because of how it turns things around. Also, the book is a pocket, so its easier to carry around.

mandag 27. august 2018

School expectations

Sandvika vgs expectations
I think that this year will be both fun and educational. I really look forward to seeing how the different teachers will solve the problem of the school being a boring place. I would be happy to see the teachers using creative and entertaining ways of teaching, rather than doing tasks in a book.
I also expect the teacher to use more creative and entertaining ways of teaching than doing tasks in a book.
I`ve chosen the ssp line, specializing in IT. This will allow me to either get better grades or having lots of free time in the third grade. The drawback is extra work in first grade, but I think that doing that work now is a smarter choice than doing it later since third grade is usually the one with the most stress and work. Also, knowledge of the IT subject will allow me to better understand the technology revolution.

This blog is a task from an English class

This is a picture of me looking forward to videregående skole: