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Is it brave to suffer n silence

Fact becomes fiction
In the story, fact becomes fiction when the boy is told about the differences between the metric and imperial system. The boy thought he was gonna die, because he "knew" that a person would die when having 102 in fever, but it became fiction when he was told about the system differences.

Hemingway`s style
The sentence structure is short, and very direct. Ernest learned this while working for a newspaper in Kansas. If you study the text, you can see that his vocabulary and sentence structure is from the 40s and 50s. Hemingways style is calles the Iceberg theory. It basically says that the text will be a lot better if the writer knows what he is writing about. The dialogue between the boy and father is a great example of Hemingways direct writing style.

A days wait
"A days wait" is about a boy believing he is going to die, but later finds out that he wont. The boy is a nine year old german, living in france.

Ernest was quite a cool and macho man. A lot of people admired him and wanted to be like him

His house:
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