mandag 24. september 2018

How to turn information into intelligence:
The most common way to practice for a test or learn something, in general, is by using the promodoro technique. The promodoro technique is to focus intensively for 25 minutes, take a 5-minute break, repeat. This is because the brain actually processes problems when we`re not studying, so after studying for 25 minutes, we may have some problems that we can`t understand or solve. Then after five minutes, we return to the same problems, and all of a sudden they seem really simple and easy.

This is also why sleep is so important. If you study in the evening and then get a good nights rest, the brain will be working while you`re sleeping, not only solving problems but also storing information. The human brain remembers information processed before going to sleep a lot better than if you had stayed awake.

So for most people, one of the best ways to study is by using the promodoro method after dinner. Also, you should get something good to eat, as a treat for actually doing something. Also, the brain runs on glucose only, so lots of brownie breaks are necessary...

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