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About a boy nick hornby

About a boy

The book is mostly about growing up, and behaving accordingly to age, but I also found certain symbols, telling us about some problems and or subthemes. An example is Fiona, she might be a symbol for a person with mental disorders or problems, that the modern society may not care about/treat very well. Marcus may also be a symbol of the problem that "different" boys always get bullied. The fact that Will is a man, may also be a symbol of that men are childish but that`s a wild guess.

The biok setting is London in the late 90s. That`s where the movie gets it wrong because Will is driving a 2003 Audi tt coupe.

The plot: Marcus is not a normal boy, he listens to Joni Mitchell, sings songs a lot, and has problems connecting and bonding with other kids. 
Will is a cool dude, subzero cool. He lives off his grandad`s song, he is rich, has a lot of friends, smokes weed, has sex with lots of girls, and listened to rap and cool music. He is the opposite of Marcus. In the book, Marcus` mother goes to a SPAT club, a club for single mothers to talk together. Will becomes part of the SPAT club so he can find a single mother to have sex with. Will finds a funny and attractive woman, Suzie. She is also Marcus` mother's friend. Marcus` mother is suicidal. Marcus joins Suzie and Will on a picnic and kills a duck. Marcus gets to know Will better and better until they become sort of friends. Marcus grows younger mentally and stops helping his mother, and Will grows older and starts caring about people.

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